The Team


I finished secondary school (high school) with maximum GCSE's and went onto college to study IT Technology & Networking and finished with 4 Diploma's in various aspects of IT Technology & Networking. Along with my 4 IT Technology & Networking Diploma's i also recieved advanced english and maths qualifications. After college i studied multiple online courses that specified in video editing.




After being involved in the music scene for quite some while, i kind of fell into my role what i play in the current industry at the moment by some what luck, My band at the time (Misanthropy) were releasing a pre-prod demo track of a new song we wrote after coming back from haitus and i decided to try my hand at making a cool lyric video after 

seeing a few around the internet and from bands i admired. I created my very first lyric video, and people started asking me, "who did it?" "how do i get one?". That's where my career kicked off designing and creating videos for band's I've listened to for years and looked up to musically.

Work Experience

My work experience is vast, i have worked with a number of great bands, solo artists, labels & management agency's from around the world including the likes of;

* Iron Maiden, As Blood Runs Black, Job For A Cowboy, Fear Factory, ABORTED, Winds of Plague, Lorna Shore, Dreamshade, Fit For An Autopsy, Thy Art Is Murder, Rings of Saturn, Opeth, Infant Annihilator& more.
** Unique Leader Records, Century Media Records, Rise Records, The Artery Foundation, We Are Triumphant & more.
*** Mercenary Management, Imperial Artist Management, Arrogance Artist Management & more.

*Bands **Labels ***Management Agency's


I'm self taught in every aspect regarding video graphics, graphics design and editing. I started off using Adobe Photoshop at the age of around 14 (I'm currently 33).

I've been using Adobe programs for a number of years and have a huge understanding with all of its functions and features, along with many plugin's for the likes of After Effects, including Video Copilot's 3D Elements.

These days i tend to stick to Adobe After Effects for my creations - Which is a question i often get asked - "What program do you use to create your lyric videos". There you have it above!

An amazing program for creating content!




I am an editor and graphic designer and a graduate of bachelor Information Systems from STMIK AMIKOM Yogyakarta in 2013, i started to learn photoshop from 2007 and started studying video editing, animation and visual effects while still in college. After college, I decided to work with on a project which I especially created 2D animation, video editing, graphic designers and digital paint artwork.I made my first lyric video for the inspired evil circle when I saw lyric videos of the Scott Rudd.

When i made my first ever video, I got a very positive response so I decided to pursue video editing / animation. In February of 2018, I joined the Scott Rudd Film team when he gave me a trial, Upon finishing my trial, Scott really liked my work and I was accepted to be part of the team.

Throughout my whole time here at Scott Rudd Film, i've learned alot! Scott has helped hone my skills and i've also been able to teach Scott a thing or two, I feel we work amazing together.